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The Qinux Soundband activity tracker will surprise you with its incredible features, including heart rate measurement, blood oxygen, pedometer and much more. Plus, up to 15 days of battery life!

Lightweight and Compact
Reduced weight and size for maximum comfort.
Great Sound Quality
Great quality headphones to give you the best quality sound.
Maximum Duration
High capacity battery
and resistant materials.

About Qinux Soundband

Smart technology: the wristband automatically detects all the health measurements needed to monitor your day-to-day life. Pulse, blood pressure, physical activity, calories and more.
  • Built-in headphones: with Qinux Soundband you will never forget your headphones because you'll have them inside the bracelet!
  • Exclusive design: developed by Qinux Technologies with every detail taken care of.
  • Original gift: very good option
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Main advantages:

Smart Bracelet
Measures all your activity in a single device: steps, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, calories burned, etc.
Bluetooth Headphones
Built-in Bluetooth headphones with automatic charging system so you'll never leave them at home.
Third generation battery
Long battery life will support up to two weeks of use with integrated headphone charger.
Compact design
Optimized design to achieve an all-in-one bracelet without neglecting the lightness of the device.
HD Display
Full color display with New Glass Technology, ideal to avoid breakages and scratches.
Magnetic charge
Charge the wristband automatically by simply bringing the charging cable close to the back of the wristband.


Is it easy to use?
Very intuitive application and the headphones pair just like any other Bluetooth device.
How long does the battery last?
At full power, and with several full charges of the headphones, it lasts more than a week!
Are the headphones sound quality?
The sound offered by the Qinux Soundband headphones is of the highest quality, giving a frequency response from 30hz to 19.900khz.
Does it monitor sleep?
Yes, the Qinux Soundband has a built-in sleep monitoring system that will track how you sleep.
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